Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

with Premiums Starting at $0/Month

Medicare Advantage for your body, mind and spirit. Take a total approach to your health with one simple plan and:

  • Cover Your Doctors
  • Cover Your Hospital Visits
  • Cover Your Prescription Drugs +
  • Cover Your Dental & Vision Care++

+, ++Not all plans include prescription drug coverage and/or dental & vision care. Please speak with a licensed agent to see what’s available to you.

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Over a million people choose Aetna for health care coverage. 1

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Medicare Advantage

Why You Should Consider It

Medicare Advantage Plans offer value that Original Medicare doesn’t. Many Medicare Advantage Plans provide for vision, dental, hearing aids, prescription drug coverage, and fitness center memberships, which are benefits that are not included in Original Medicare Parts A & B.

While you continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium, your insurer determines your Medicare Advantage Plan’s premium, which can vary and be extremely inexpensive.

Your copayment/coinsurance may be significantly less than if you have Original Medicare, which also does not limit your maximum out-of-pocket expense, meaning your expenses could be limitless. (Medicare Advantage Plans cover services after you have spent your maximum for the year).

Other than being cost-effective, Medicare Advantage Plans also arrange care among your health care providers, including medication therapy management, under one Primary Care Physician (PCP). They combine medical, Part D prescription drug coverage, and added benefits under one plan administrator, which is convenient for your schedule and beneficial to your health.


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